Moore Afghanistan services include ensuring mandatory monthly, quarterly and annual filings are submitted correctly and on time. From obtaining tax exemption confirmations to remitting tax liabilities, we ensure compliance with the laws of Afghanistan.


As per Income Tax Law of Afghanistan, entities registered in Afghanistan, carrying out operations on contracts under mutually agreed bilateral agreements between GIRoA and other organizations, i.e., US DOD, NATO, NSPA, US DOS (INL), USAID, DFID, UN and EU are eligible for Tax Exemptions for a variety of taxes.



With ever evolving tax regime, procedures and incorporation of automated systems, the need for appropriate and timely monthly, quarterly and annual tax filings are critical for all the taxpayers to have an up to date tax compliance status. Timely adherence to the law and procedures will help avoid unnecessary penalties and actions by the authorities.

AHG tax division with its highly qualified and expert technical team and standardized system, adds value to all its client businesses by making sure that all of the above tax filings requirements are complied with and to mitigate the risk of incurring penalties.



There are tax implications for whatever we do in today's world. Tax is an inescapable element of almost every business activity and in every jurisdiction where you conduct business. Decisions made today will often affect your tax burden in the future.

Member firms help you achieve maximum tax-efficiency in the short and long-term by providing a range of tax services and advice, including:
  • Corporate and personal tax compliance
  • Corporate and personal tax planning, consultancy and structuring
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Employer solutions, including payroll and remuneration planning
  • Tax investigations support

The growth in the global economy means an increase in cross-border transactions. With foreign tax legislation comes a wealth of opportunities and pitfalls in structuring your supply lines and operating structure around the globe. International tax solutions go far deeper than merely direct tax, with issues such as foreign custom duties, VAT and transfer pricing also requiring attention.

Our network of member firms provides access to a comprehensive international tax planning service and all the international tax and commercial information you need to enable you to grow your global business successfully.
This includes advice on:
  • International group and financing structures
  • Cross-border transactions and transfer pricing
  • International trading
  • Corporate residence
  • Trading in or with a country
  • Branches, agencies and service companies
  • Inward and outward investment
  • Protection of assets, income and capital gains using overseas structures and trusts
  • International employment arrangements
  • Intellectual property
  • International private client services
  • Detailed local advice and support