Laws and Regulations

Constitution & Legislative Decrees

Constitution of Afghanistan Dari/Pashto | English
Decree of Afghanistan President on making Constitution Approval Week Dari/Pashto
The Law of Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of Constitution Dari/Pashto

Criminal Laws

Penal Code Dari/Pashto | English
Criminal Procedure Code Dari/Pashto
Law on the Elimination of Violence Against Women Dari/Pashto | English
Law on Investigation on Juvenile Violations Dari/Pashto | English
Law on the Campaign against Bribery and Administrative Corruption Dari/Pashto | English
Law on the Structure and Authority of Attorney General’s Office Dari/Pashto
Law of Firearms, Ammunition and Explosives Dari/Pashto | English
Prison and Detention Center Law Dari/Pashto | English
Regulation on Regulating the Affairs of the Prisons and Detention Centers Dari/Pashto

Civil Laws

Civil Code Dari/Pashto | English
Civil Procedure Code Dari/Pashto | English
Law on the Sale of Immovable Properties to Diplomatic Missions of Foreign Countries and International Organizations Dari/Pashto
Law on Managing Land Affairs Dari/Pashto
Expropriation law Dari/Pashto
Law on Travel and Residence of Foreign Citizens in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Dari/Pashto

Commercial Laws

Commercial Code Dari/Pashto
Law on Commercial Contracts and Selling Property Dari/Pashto
Law on Commercial Mediation and Arbitration Dari/Pashto | English
Law on the Limited Liability Companies Dari/Pashto
Insurance Law Dari/Pashto
Partnership Law Dari/Pashto | English
Public Private Partnership (PPP) Law Dari/Pashto
Private Investment Law Dari/Pashto | English
Non-Governmental Organizations Law Dari/Pashto | English

Employment Laws

Labor law Dari/Pashto | English
Civil Servants Law Dari/Pashto | English
Regulation on Recruitment of Foreigners in Afghanistan Institutions Dari/Pashto

International Convention & Treaties

Law on International Treaties & Conventions Dari/Pashto
United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods English
VIENNA Convention On United Nation Relation English
International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination English

Banking & Tax Laws

Law on Banking of Afghanistan Dari/Pashto | English
Da Afghanistan Bank Law Dari/Pashto | English
Income Tax Law Dari/Pashto | English
Tax Administration Law Dari/Pashto | English
Value Added Tax Law Dari/Pashto | English
Customs Act Dari/Pashto
Law on Secured Transaction of Movable and Immovable Property in Banking Law Dari/Pashto | English

Mines & Resources

Mineral Law Dari/Pashto
Law on Nuclear Energy Dari/Pashto
Law on Oil and Gas (Hydrocarbon) Dari/Pashto | English
Law on Water Dari/Pashto | English
Regulation on Water Quality Control and Maintenance Dari/Pashto

Administrations & State

Procurement Law Dari/Pashto | English
Municipality Law Dari/Pashto
Law on Processing the Legislative Documents Dari/Pashto
Law on Civil Aviation Dari/Pashto | English
Government Cases Law Dari/Pashto
Regulation on Establishment and Operations of Civil Aviation Air Transportation Institution Dari/Pashto
Elections Law Dari/Pashto | English

Cultural & Scientific Laws

Law on Civil Higher Education Dari/Pashto
The Law on Perseveration of the Historic and Cultural Heritage of Afghanistan Dari/Pashto | English
Regulation on Private Museums Dari/Pashto

Miscellaneous Laws

Advocates Law Dari/Pashto | English
Law for Regulating Telecommunication Services Dari/Pashto