Our History and Culture


Moore Afghanistan employs over 300 full-time highly qualified Afghans, with educational backgrounds that include graduate, post-graduate and tertiary professional certifications. Our management brings decades of experience managing programs for both the public and private sector in Afghanistan. We call on an additional pool of 1,500 short-term consultants across all 34 provinces for project-specific support. All of our team members are fluent in English, Pashtu and/or Dari.

Since 2009, Moore Afghanistan has provided professional business services to over 700 organizations across Afghanistan. Our clients range from small companies, non-profits and corporations to development institutions and government customers. Our service offering support clients step-by-step, providing assistance with licensing, visas, payroll, taxation, audit and procurement services.

This powerful combination of education, experience, and qualification uniquely places Moore Afghanistan to provide the highest level of service with unparalleled integrity, efficiency and accountability.


is to create a transparent, dynamic, sustainable service economy in Afghanistan, while being socially responsible.



is to fearlessly pursue excellence, working as individuals and teams with unparalleled integrity.



Moore Afghanistan abides by following values, which guide what we do and how we treat our clients and each other. We believe that operating in accordance with these core values will make Afghanistan a better place for everyone.


means to be the best at what we do. We strive to do everything outstandingly. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing excellently.


are essential for succeeding in a constantly changing environment. We believe that our greatest contribution to Afghanistan is to develop creative, socially responsive, and technically sound solutions to the many challenges that Afghanistan faces. We strive to understand changes and challenges in the environment as they occur; we develop our solutions according to each unique situation and constantly evaluate our approach to see where we can improve.


is the ability to make correct judgments, act as one should act, and accomplish what is necessary, at the right time and the right place. Acting with wisdom means that one is neither na├»ve, foolish, nor manipulative. We strive to base all our dealings, and develop all our solutions, on sound wisdom.


means to uphold others’ rights, value their feelings, admire their qualities and be mindful of their needs. AHG operations are based on the respect of the laws and culture of Islam, Afghanistan, and our clients. Our interactions are governed by respect for all.


is the ability to act according to one’s beliefs and conviction despite danger or disapproval. Integrity means not shading the truth, hiding the truth, or manufacturing facts to look good. At AHG, we require courage and integrity from all staff and affiliates and strive to provide an enabling environment where these virtues are rewarded.


Moore Stephens History

Moore Stephens in London was the original firm within the Moore Global Network. The firm was founded in 1907 as an auditing, tax consulting and insolvency practice by Harold Moore and Albert Partridge under the name Moore, Partridge & Co. The firm’s offices were at 2 Gresham Buildings, Basinghall Street, by London’s Guildhall.
Harold Moore was a Major in the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War and instrumental in building the airport at Eastleigh, near Southampton, to support the military operations in France. After the War, he was elected Alderman of the Ward of Walbrook and Senior Sheriff of the City and became Sir Harold Moore in recognition of his services to the City.
In 1915, Albert Partridge left the firm and it adopted the name of Moore & Co. John Robinson Stephens managed the firm, while Major Moore continued with his Royal Flying Corps duties. At the end of the War in 1918, Moore, Stephens & Co was established as a partnership between the two and it continued under that name ever since, shortened however to Moore Stephens in 1986, until 2019 when the global network rebranded to Moore.
Moore Stephens, now Moore, has always had a philosophy of partner-led, personal service to clients, while at the same time developing market opportunities. It was, therefore, that in 1921, the firm opened an office in Glasgow and then in 1922 established Moore, Cross & Co. in Brazil with offices in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Santos.
From 1927, the firm started to develop close relations with the Greek Shipping community, firstly with the families of Rethymnis, Kulukundis and Mavroleon
In 1947, Sir Harold retired from the firm, as did John Stephens, and in 1948 his son Hobart became senior partner. Hobart Harold de Courcy Moore qualified as a chartered accountant in 1932, joined the firm in 1933 and became a partner in 1935.
It was Hobart Moore's vision that developed Moore Stephens into a firm with a significant portfolio of international clients. The initial drive internationally was based on the need to meet specific shipping client requirements. This led over a period of time to a range of Moore Stephens' offices being established overseas – Paris (1949), Monaco (1966), Bermuda (1967) where he was instrumental in the establishment of the Bermuda offshore legislation, and Piraeus (1968). The first local partner in Piraeus was Damianos Constantinou, the founder of Moore Stephens Greece. Over time, these offices diversified to offer services to a wide range of industries, but a substantial client base in the shipping industry means that this remains a major strength of the Moore network today.

Photo: Hobart Moore

1968 saw the formal establishment of the then Moore Stephens international network. Member firms of Moore Stephens International were added across the globe and by 1979, Moore Stephens International had member firms in Canada, the USA, Hong Kong, the New Hebrides, Bermuda, Monaco, Cyprus, Greece, Australia, the Channel Islands, South Africa, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and, of course, London.
Hobart Moore retired in 1980, but a third generation of the Moore family, Richard, was already a partner in the London firm. Richard joined Moore Stephens in 1968 and qualified in 1972. Having spent two years on secondment to the Moore Stephens member firms in New York, Sydney and Hong Kong, Richard Moore became a partner in 1975, managing partner in 1987 and senior partner in 1989. Richard became chairman of Moore Stephens International in 2004, which became Moore Global Network in 2019. Richard stepped down as chairman at the end of 2019. The network continues to grow its international footprint with the same philosophy of partner-led, personal service to clients.

Photo: Richard Moore