Blood Donation

Moore Afghanistan’s "Give Blood: Save a Life" Campaign

Moore Afghanistan organizes an annual blood donation campaign as one of the ways to support its community. The subject campaign aimed to assist patients who need a blood transfusion and are waiting for generous donations at a critical moment of their life. In addition, the campaign promotes a culture of assistance and solidarity in the community.

This year, the blood donation campaign was held at Moore Afghanistan's main office in Kabul, Afghanistan, on 16 December 2020. A total of 55 Moore Afghanistan's employees with various ranks including CEO, Partners, CTO, CFO, Directors, Managers, and Associates took part voluntarily in the campaign, which resulted in the donation of more than 22,550 CCs of blood.

Last year, 73 Moore Afghanistan employees with various ranks took part voluntarily in the campaign, which resulted in the donation of more than 36,500 CC of blood.

The Deputy Director of Afghanistan's Central Blood Bank, Dr. Mohammad Hamed Faisal, sincerely praised the initiative of Moore Afghanistan. He said: "The campaign proves that Moore Afghanistan is not only doing business but is also aware of its social responsibility towards underprivileged members of society.  I want to assure you that the donated blood will be utilized for deserving patients who are in severe need. The donated blood can save precious lives. We would be delighted to see other businesses follow Moore Afghanistan's example and take part in the noble cause of blood donation."

Moore Afghanistan strives to meet every opportunity to serve its community and in particular those most in need.