VAT Awareness Seminar

Moore Afghanistan & AREU VAT Awareness Seminar 

August 5, 2021
Serena, Kabul

In continuation of our commitment towards the sustainment of the Afghan Tax law and regulations, Moore Afghanistan in collaboration with Afghanistan Renewable Energy Union (AREU) conducted a successful Value Added Tax (VAT) awareness seminar. VAT is scheduled to come into effect in Afghanistan, replacing Business Receipts Tax (BRT). The aim of organizing the event has been manifold- from introducing the new VAT law within the context of Afghanistan to putting a spotlight on the ramifications of the VAT regulations on renewable energy market across the nations. 

The panel of experts, led by Moore Afghanistan, was joined by senior representatives from the government, academia, renewable energy sector experts, and other leading private sector companies.  Moore Afghanistan’s team of Tax experts delivered a well-informed presentation on the subject, clearly outlining the expectations moving forward with the VAT implementation. In addition, Mr. Helali, Director of Large Taxpayer Office (LTO, MoF), provided further information and status update on the new law and reassured the audience of the government’s commitment to effective VAT enforcement and the attainment of all the set objectives. By hosting representatives from both public and private sectors, the VAT awareness seminar provided clarity to the crowd of more than 120 participants, and the wider Afghan population, on what the VAT law means, how it applies to them, and how they can prepare for it. 

Finally, the panel of experts explored the impact of VAT on the renewable energy sector. Given that renewable energy in itself is a relatively new development in Afghanistan, the idea of sustainable energy was analyzed. Queries of investment opportunities in the sector, key challenges, and other factors were investigated. Given the established role of renewable energy in the betterment of livelihoods and its potential in being the future of energy, the audience was intrigued to learn more. Examining VAT’s potential impact on renewable energy sector served as a tangible example for other sectors, and how they might be similarly impacted.

The seminar was concluded by giving the audience a chance to resolve any lingering concerns or questions. The event, yet again, effectively brought the public and private sectors together to discuss important subjects and provide the platform for further collaborations. Moore Afghanistan looks forward to hosting similar seminars in the near future, and in playing its part in easing transitioning stages in a constantly developing Afghanistan!