Global Board

Good governance is central to the reputation and stewardship of Moore Global.

The ultimate governing body of the network is the Global Board. Members of the Global Board serve 3 year terms. To ensure knowledge and expertise from all the world’s principal markets is represented, members are drawn from all regions.

The Global Board considers all strategic matters impacting the network and monitors the performance of the Global CEO and executive team in delivering the network strategy.

Board Members

Andy Armanino
California, USA
North America

Anton Colella
London, UK
Global CEO
Tony Caleca
St. Louis, USA
North America
David Tomasi
Perth, Australia
Asia Pacific
Liang Chun
Asia Pacific
Edgard Perez
Medellin, Colombia
Latin America
Charles Reid
Durban, South Africa
Middle East & Africa

Christoph Schlotthauer
Paris, France
Matt Armanino
San Ramon, California
North America

Alan Badey
Manhattan, New York
North America

Michael Bick
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Mick Aw


Global Leadership Team

Anton Colella
Global CEO

Vivienne Muir
Margie Alt
Director of Global Talent

Jeff Blackbeard
Middle East & Africa Regional Director
Lesley Byrne
Director of Quality
Valeria Gagliani
Latin America Regional Director
Leon Hou
Asia Pacific Regional Director
Ozgur Ozguven
Director of IT
John Stanford
Director, Global Growth & Collaboration
Heather Thorn
Executive Assistant to the Global CEO